First name: Melissa
Last name: Sepulveda Vargas
Age: 18 years old
City: Envigado
Country: Colombia
Languages: Spanish
Occupation: student


She is a different girl,  she says that the most important in your life is to be happy, that despite the difficulties and problems that we all can succeed through God and miracles.

 she Is a girl that comes with loving people and expects the same from them, although in many cases have failed completely.

Also says her family and her boyfriend are the most important thing in his life which has faced enough because she is very crazy and have not yet been able to get used to his nature.

Loves listening to music of all kinds, is considered very much in love with it and adds that he loves to eat a lot but surprisingly not fattening!

Decided to be a teacher from the time he was born his brother because he discovered that children are the worlds happiness, make you forget them all, they are wonderful and deserve the very best.

As a reflection leaves them all that we should always be humble, not everything in life is how we therefore deny any evidence can succeed.


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