Pon los verbos entre parantesis en la forma correcta del Present Simple, según sean afirmativos, interrogativos o negativos.

A:  you  (live) in Barcelona?
B: No, I  (not live) in Barcelona. I  (live) in Cerdanyola.But my sister (live) there. 
A: And  she  (like) it?
B: Yes, she  (love) Barcelona. She  (work) in a bank in the mornings. In the afternoons, she  (play) tennis with her boyfriend or she  (watch) TV at home. In the evenings, she usually  (go) for a walk on the beach or she  (do) her English homework. She  (study) English on Saturdays. 
A:  she  (visit) you in Cerdanyola?
B: She  (not come) to Cerdanyola very often. I usually  (visit) her in Barcelona.